Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Levin, Tominberg, LTD

Still waiting for your lawyer to call you back?  Laner Muchin returns all calls within two hours.

Laner Muchin’s attorneys are among the very best labor and employment law practitioners in the nation. Included within its ranks are several Fellows of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, members (often in leadership roles) of local, state and national bar organizations, members of numerous civic and non-profit organizations, and leaders in the communities where they reside.

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Go Self Insured

Go Self Insured is an Illinois-based Third Party Administrator. With a long history of managing workers' compensation claims for the staffing industry, the company offers an Enterprise Solution designed specifically for temporary staffing companies like yours. Go Self Insured is in a unique position to create a custom solution to meet your needs while providing cutting edge technology that simplifies complex tasks.
Exclusive services such as 24-hour claims reporting, injury triage and early nurse care management intervention consistently result in superior outcomes when measured against Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) data. Visit their website to see how Go Self Insured can improve your financial bottom line.