• Assurance Agency

      Specializes in creating highly personalized client relationships that allow them to deliver exceptional insurance solutions. Their success is a result of their commitment to never losing sight of the first principle of the insurance brokerage industry.
    • Hallberg Commercial Insurors

      Hallberg Commercial continually strives to offer a broad spectrum of services and raise the bar by which all commercial insurance Agencies are judged, aligning with loyalty, integrity, compassion, and a high moral regard in order to achieve unparalleled growth through commitment to and awareness of customer needs.
    • Laner Muchin

      Laner Muchin’s attorneys are among the very best labor and employment law practitioners in the nation.
    • The Horton Group

      In addition to providing innovative workers compensation and employee benefit programs, Horton is able to assist clients in their unique risk management needs such as risk transfer, new employee screening, client risk assessment, contract review and employee return-to-work screenings.

About SSAI

Light industrial staffing agencies have faced many regulation changes over the last several years. The Staffing Services Association of Illinois was created in 2002 due to the lack of positive legislative affairs support. The fight to keep our industry free of unnecessary regulations starts by having representation within the Illinois State Capitol that supports our perspective and agenda. That's what we're all about.

Welcome to our guests!

We welcome new members to Staffing Services Association of Illinois. If you are a staffing agency working to place light industrial employees, please review information on this site prior to submitting an application for membership. If you're ready to apply now, click here to complete the online membership form that applies to your company.

Current Members

To gain access to members-only pages, current SSAI members should log in using ID's and passwords recently sent to them by our staff. If you need help, please click here for contact information. We're always available to make your interaction with our association easier.

SSAI Membership

To qualify for membership to Staffing Services Association of Illinois (SSAI) you will be required to be in compliance with the SSAI Code Of Ethics enacted by the founding members of the SSAI.

Requirements and Access

All members are also required to be properly licensed with the State of Illinois, Department of Labor, and (if required) with your local municipality. Once your annual membership dues are determined and paid you will be given access to "members only" pages on this site and will be included in our benefits and services.

Business Hours

You may contact us via the website using the contact button below.

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
Weekend: Closed

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Our Office

Staffing Services Association of Illinois
2304 Argonne Avenue
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Phone: (217) 725-6248